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Sarah and Brock Flynn
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Brock Flynn has over 22 years of real estate experience. After working as a surveyor through college, Brock turned his attention to the mortgage lending and title insurance business. Working in this field as both a manager and a title examiner, he eventually branched out to become a real estate broker.

Being an Eagle Scout and an avid outdoorsman and hunter Brock immediately fell in love with the region upon his first trip. With little delay Brock moved his family to Westcliffe, Colorado where he and his wife could work in real estate and enjoy the best the Rockies had to offer.

Sarah Flynn has over 20 years of commercial and residential real estate experience. After college, Sarah began her real estate career as a real estate agent and community manager for a regional home builder. Later she ventured into commercial property management, managing a portfolio of 1.6 million square feet of industrial property. With a move to Colorado in 2001, Sarah began her career as a real estate broker in the Wet Mountain Valley.

In 2003, Brock and Sarah identified the need for a small brokerage firm dedicated to building relationships. Mountain Land Properties, LLC was established. We have been happily assisting buyers, sellers, and real estate investors in Southern Colorado ever since.

If you are looking for professional, proficient and personalized service in buying or selling property, Mountain Land Properties, LLC can help.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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